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Property Management


AppLab is developing Orizo to provide a best-in-class digital platform for residential and commercial property management.

Property management functions include digital workflows for property listing, tenancy applications, landlord approvals, leasing, payments and exit.

The manual nature of property management is being substantively digitized to drive productivity and provide margin improvement for both boutique and at-scale participants.

Integration with mortgage broking and landlord and building insurance (through Origomics and SureMate) will bring new and lucrative revenue streams – delivering substantive value to AppLab subscribers not found in competitive products.

AppLab will enjoy first-mover advantage in integrating insurance and mortgage referrals as competitors play catch-up.

AppLab’s customers will also share in this first-mover advantage over their traditional competitors.

Investors and tenants will have digital access (app and web) to Orizo at “Netflix-level” subscriptions.

Investor / tenant features will include: digital application, status and approval of rental agreements, rental changes (such as rent reviews), inspections and chat-style communications between landlords, managers and tenants.

Reporting for payments and invoices will also be available to assist with tax management and tenancy issues.