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Our Approach

Our Client-led Approach

Solving our customer’s business problems to enable them to become more efficient and more profitable is our reason for being.


We continuously work alongside the selected business with our team of industry experts to determine a solution. This enables the final execution to be truly successful.


In order for the platforms to deliver industry leading solutions we know that continuous improvement is imperative.


For us it’s all about sharing – we share ideas, problems, resources, feedback and time.


AppLab’s Simplification Methodology

At App-Lab we have embraced empathy-led design approach popularized by the world’s leading design schools. We’ve adapted the best design thinking models to develop our own customer-centric design approach, underpinning all we do.

P r o c e s s

At AppLab we like to focus on making the process simple and efficient. By calling on the depth of expert experience in our team we can develop platforms that feel more genuine and deliver solutions that users find more familiar


The first step is spending time listening to our clients and truely understanding their business and the potential problems they are currently facing.


Only then do we start to design effective solutions that will start to shape that companies future ways of working through technology.


The result is cloud-based apps that are accessible on any device. We use an agile approach to constantly iterate our designs as we work with end clients to optimize each platform to their business.

The AppLab Difference


Many leading SaaS providers utilise a design thinking approach, but we’ve married great design with superb technology utilising the power of the Salesforce’s, Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach allowing rapid development, beautiful user interfaces and experiences and a highly-stable cloud database.

Cloud based solutions across all platforms.

In today’s connected world being able to seamlessly access and interact with your information is essential. Which is why all of our platforms are design to be fully intergrated so whatever device you’re using from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile the experience is seamless. So not only allowing flexibility but meaning the information you are viewing is current across every user.