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Pet Retail


AppLab’s founder, Rio Afero, has operated an independent pet services and products store in Sydney for more than 8 years.

Realising the benefits of online sales for smaller bricks-and-mortar stores as well as digital workflow and supply chain integration, Rio built the Sass platform, PawsEco for his own business and that of synergistic early adopters.

PawsEco offers independent pet retailers substantial leverage to compete in a market that is experiencing substantially increased competitive pressure from larger providers.

PawsEco subscribers enjoy:

  • Digital procurement and payment services from a large range of pet product manufacturers typically offering higher value / quality products over the mass market approach of supermarkets and larger online businesses;
  • The cost to source and service independent retailers by manufacturers is reduced through PawsEco acting as a distribution intermediary;
  • Online presence to complement the bricks-and-mortar store (advice and convenience);
  • Digital marketing templates to grow a local customer base;
  • A share in PawsEco’s own online product sales – through a unique approach in the checkout process where customers must nominate a PawsEco retail store to support through their order.
  • Digital customer engagement tools such as appointments for services such such as grooming, walking and remedial therapies –bringing the highest level of customer automation and convenience

To join the growing number of PawsEco partners, click here.